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pv-arduino-1This page is a summary and a table of contents for my projects that deal with powering an arduino system with photovoltaic energy. As these boards run on rather low power the arduino platform is a good choice when you want to create a PV-powered microcontroller system. Optimizing the system is the way to make the whole thing efficient in terms of resources and money.

Solar energy for your arduino

This series of posts is about powering your arduino and peripheral components with a standalone PV system. The system layout and dimensioning rules for PV systems with a storage battery apply for a wide range of power needs and also for a small arduino with some DC powered devices. Look at these posts:


Solar arduino: minimalistic system

How small can a solar-driven arduino system be? This is the main question in the “Minimalistic Solar Arduino” project. Building a system with lowest energy consumption and a minimum of components is the approach to having a very efficient solar-powered controller. For the first tests a standalone ATmega328P (the controller in the arduino Uno board) gets it’s power from a capacitor. Total uptime is measured to investigate the effects of different power-saving techniques:



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