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512KB EEPROM for your ATmega328P

uptime_setup_512kb_eeprom_headerDuring my minimalistic solar powered datalogging project (here, here and here) I was at the point where I had more data than could be stored in my 32KB EEPROM. It was time to have more! As I already had the 24AA256 (32KB) from Microchip because of the wide supply voltage range and the low power consumption I looked for the biggest one of this series: The 24AA1025 is a 128KB EEPROM! It’s pins A0 and A1 can be used to address more than one chip. So there is a maximum of four chips giving you a total of 512KB EEPROM for your ATmega328P. This post describes the hardware setup (easy) and the software side. In the end we have a 512KB EEPROM memory with linear address range. Continue reading