A picture a day from my chestnut tree

chestnutRight before my window lives a big chestnut tree. As it is springtime now the buds are bursting and everything is growing. I decided to take a picture of one of the buds every morning. These pictures show the fascinating process of the buds when they get open and leaves and flowers appear. This post is a work in process starting with the first picture on March, 30 (ok, there is no picture fom March, 31). All these pictures aren’t photoshopped in any way. I only shrink them in size.

Enjoy 🙂


I took the first picture on March, 30:chestnut_0330

Two days later the bud was already open:chestnut_0401

April, 2: Now I know where that pattern comes from that is so often used in arts and architecture.chestnut_0402

April, 3: The leaves are folding out.chestnut_0403

April, 4: The leaves show up completely and you can see where the flower will be.chestnut_0404

April, 5:  Now the flower grows rapidly.chestnut_0405

April, 6. From now on I have to zoom out more and more:chestnut_0406

April, 7:chestnut_0407

April, 8:Kastanie 9

April, 9. The flower is growing more and more:chestnut_0409

April, 10. It’s cloudy and rather cold today:chestnut_0410

April, 11. Today it’s cold again:chestnut_0411

April, 12. Weather is warm and sunny:chestnut_0412

April, 13:chestnut_0413

Have a look at part two. There the series is going on.

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