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connecting an arduino with a LM35 temperature sensor – special issues


National Semiconductor

So this is a very easy one – most of the time. There are already many blog posts and forum posts about connecting a LM 35 temperature sensor to an arduino like here, here or here. So why writing another one? When beginning with my LM35 I thought the same and this is why I decided to take this special sensor. But things don’t always work as easily as it looks from a distance. There are some details I found and this is why I write this post. Continue reading

Fixing things for cutting on a laser

As laser cutters don’t bring any mechanical force to the object that has to be cut or engraved they often don’t have any fixing for the material. It simply lies freely in the machine.

When you want to cut some plywood with a laser cutter the problem that occurs most of the time is that the plywood doesn’t stay in a flat state. It either can be already waved when you buy it or store it at your site and the laser can do the same while cutting because of the laser’s heat. You can see this also when cutting acrylic heavily. This effect will always make you a problem because the laser needs a flat object to work on. Otherwise there is no proper focussing in every region of the cutting area. For good results your plywood has to be flat before and during the cutting process. So you have to make it flat by fixing it on the machine. Continue reading

Happy surprise for breakfast


One morning I woke up and she had prepared breakfast for me and herself. Almost every morning we have some sort of muesli with Oatmeal, spelt flakes, raisins, some yoghurt and an apple or some other fruit. Normally we just put it all in a plate. But this morning she added some cranberries and arranged the things in a way you can see in the picture. I was really happy and surprised to see this (and afterwords eat it 🙂 ). This was one of the most lovely mornings I ever had and it turned out to be a good day. Thank you for sharing this idea with me!